Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Outfit Of The Day - Villagers

Wool Denim Jacket - Gap (thrifted)
Grey Sweater - Primark
Textured Skirt - Primark
Bag - Zara
Studded Boots - Topshop
I don't know what possessed me to wear a tiny skirt in such cold weather, still attempting to warm up with multiple blankets/hot water bottles. Today I wore the jacket that I bought at a charity shop a couple of days back, so glad I got it now! Had a productive day, made a pact with myself this week to actually stop procrastinating (I'm literally the queen of this), so far so good although I'm only on day 3 of the said pact. Going out for dinner with a lovely friend tomorrow evening which should be good, nothing like a catch up!

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