Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rhi's Birthday/Jester Antics

So basically I travelled up to Southampton for my sister's (her name is Rhi but I often call her Roy) 20th birthday celebrations. After writing, if I do say so myself, an amazing birthday rap on the train and presenting her with a bunny onesie (it has a carrot zip aaaah) we had a lovely day wandering around the shops before a cheeky feast in Harry Ramsdens. We then popped into the uni to grab a coffee/plank on the AMAZING super size bean bags, which have greatly been taken into consideration for when I choose my university. That and the boy to girl ratio. Saw a live performance of a part of the bible which was actually ridiculously good (wasn't hyped about the prospect tbh but was pleasantly surprised), and met a few of Rhi's future housemates for when she moves out of halls who were all lovely. :)

The evening consisted of rushing to get ready for Jesters (Europe's worst nightclub). It's an underground rave cave with a slightly pervy DJ (who has the surname Butter lol), and the bar staff wear wellies due to the unkown substances gracing the floor; but I love it. The best part about the place is the signature "Jesticle" pint cocktail, consisting of at least 5 shots and horrifically bright fruit juice. It only takes one. After the last song we piled/stumbled into a taxi and got back to Rhi's halls; where I did the very noble sisterly act of holding her hair back whilst she vommed. lololol This is greatly amusing due to the fact that Rhi has not been drunk ONCE at uni and the last time I came to visit she was drinking just innocent smoothie in pres, not acceptable. She's feeling delicate but I'm dragging her out tonight for the "Cirque" night at Cafe Parfait, will be a good one. It's likely that I'll post tonight's outfit picture at some point; I couldn't take one of my outfit last night due to being involved in brutal pre drinks in which the uni students took great fun in exploiting in my lack of drinking game knowledge.

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