Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Clock Notebook/Travelling

I bought my lovely arty friend Emma a notebook for christmas with this really cool vintage clock design on the cover. We were in the library (so wild) having one of our ritual life chats when she whipped it out, so I snapped a photo. Would love to get a clock necklace, Shanti has got a cute one from Camden which I tried to poach once but she stole it back. A few of my friendlies went to Berlin today for a history trip, which I'm secretly quite jealous about, although I'm convinced the real reason they're going is to get crunk rather than for educational purposes. It's reminded me how urgently I need to plan my gap year travels, currently the only destination on my wish list is Ibiza; clearly the capital of culture. I've always wanted to go to Australia, South America, Spain (again), Italy, China, New Zealand, Africa... Okay I think I need to narrow this down.

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