Thursday, 14 March 2013

Alcoholic Soup

We had a casino royale themed sixth form ball a couple of evenings ago which was good fun! The fact that we smuggled in 5 hip flasks added to this fun. Although we weren't as bad as the table next to us who were adding vodka to their starter of soup. I finally got to wear my sparkly topshop velvet creation which has been in my wardrobe for ageeesssss (was saving it for a spesh occasion). I had to invest in some new heels the night before via next day delivery (so risky) because my other heels are dying after various Thekla trips. I ordered some black strappy wedges from New Look which I'm so so pleased with. The night ended with a trip to a bar called Mbargos in town and an impressive number of jager bombs. Brill

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