Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Henna Experiments

Whilst on a Christian week away this summer someone henna-ed my foot. I've never really thought about doing henna, just because it's not seen very much in the UK (bar the odd festival). However, after having some done I was inspired to try and do it myself! Henna can be so beautiful when done properly and intricately, my aim being to become a henna goddess (and then everyone at uni will pay me thousands to do them some bod art etc...). The great thing about henna is that it's semi - permanent; lasting around 2-3 weeks depending on your skin type.

I bought 6 henna cones from eBay for only around £4.50 which is a really good deal. A tube can do up to 10 small designs, or 2/3 very detailed designs.

My first attempt was on my hand. It wasn't the best I have to be honest - for example I cut the henna cone too far up so the line was too thick, making detail impossible.
Here is a picture of me modelling, in an interesting fashion, the hand design ....

The design below was the inspiration for my next attempt. I pretty much copied the design up to the ankle, and then just added a few finishing touches as I didn't particularly want the art going all the way up my leg. 
 After a very very very long time of sitting in one position/doing vigorous leg exercises to regain feeling in my limb (dedication) here is the final result:

The thing is, I can't do too much art on myself otherwise it will start to look a bit obsessive. Will start sketching up a few new designs for when these fade!

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