Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Outfit Of The Day - Gandy Street

Tie-dye Top - Second Hand
Blouse - Shanti! (Topshop)
Black Leggings - no idea
AirMax - Nike

 A quick outfit of the day in my favourite street in Exeter!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Forget Facebook, It's Time To Pick Up The Pen.

Little comes close to receiving an unexpected letter. Well, it depends what type of letter of course. An angry note from your local library ordering you to return books which have been overdue for about 10 years doesn't really have the same effect.
But in today's digitalised society, where texts and online communication now dominate the way we interact with each other, writing and posting a letter seems like a distant childhood memory.
"hey you alright?" "yeah, be there in 5" "urgh last night, oh dear..."
These are a few snippets of my mobile message inbox, in which texts are a quick fire way to catch up and meet up. But what happened to actually thinking about what you are writing, to actually sitting down and properly putting mind to tea stained paper? (Just my preference).
This summer I met a lovely girl called Emily. She suggested that we should penpal, send each other letters and the odd parcel in order to stay in touch, as life is the catalyst to drifting from friends. Especially when you're moving away for university.

Another inspiration for starting this exchange was my Grandma. Over Beryl's legendary tea and biscuits, she divulged how she has been writing to someone in Texas for over 60 years. That's almost three-quarters of her life. Apparently they have only met once for a couple of hours, but they talked and laughed every last minute like old friends. Because technically they are.

So the madness of Fresher's week rolled around, I would write about it if my memory wasn't as hazy... (not a clue why). It was during that post - freshers slump, the time where you realise you have to actually start doing work/cook yourself something more substantial than Uncle Ben's, when I received my first letter and parcel from Emily. Its contents included the most amazing chocolate fudge, a small cross-stitch wall hanging and a wildflower tea leaf (which the tag instructed me to infuse in boiling water for 3 minutes). 
I think the best part of this surprise was actually the letter. Firstly, Emily's handwriting is the neatest I've ever seen - definitely chose my penpal well. Imagine trying to decipher something that looked like a spider having a rave in TimePiece every time you were sent a letter? Amongst the craziness of moving and partying and meeting 100s of new people, it was lovely to know that someone had taken the time to write and ask how I really was. There's something much more personal about putting words into writing. And it was longer than a couple of sentences; the average facebook message. 

When the boys in my flat walked in to the kitchen to find me on the floor, carefully tying together photos with string to send in my reply parcel, they were quick to label letter-sending as "such a girl thing". I would argue that penpalling is actually for anyone. Yeah okay, the average male may not be particularly enthralled by a vintage 'with love' stamp or a leaf of wildflower tea, but this way of communicating is certainly not dead.
It's time we start to think about what we're writing and what we really want to know about our friends. It's time to pick up the pen.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Outfit Of The Day - Exeter Bobble


Hat - Uni
Shirt - Second Hand
Gillet - Second Hand
Top - atmosphere
Skirt - atmosphere
Boots - Topshop

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Nike Purchase

FINALLY FINALLY got some trainers! As my halls are a bit of a trek from uni, I really needed some durable shoes that I could actually walk in. I bought some black nike air max because they'll go with everything. SO happy I have really small feet, got them in the children's section for £30 less yeyeyeeee

Thursday, 3 October 2013


I've finally started planning the creation of my business. The brand is called 'Mehndi~B' (Mehndi being the traditional name for henna, my name being Bex), and I plan to supply henna application services, supplies and tutorials. It's exciting. Above are a few pictures of some of the henna design's I've applied, including one on my flat mate Lucy in the kitchen at some obscure hour! (3 out of 5 in our flat are now hennaed, working my way through them...)
Also, here is a link to my first youtube henna tutorial. I'm going to trade/apply henna in a trading fair at uni in a couple of months which should really help me to launch this. It's a start!

My New Room!



So I'm finally here. In Bexeter Uni. AAAAH! This has probably been the most surreal, confusing and draining two weeks ever. The amount of times I've relayed the information that my name is Bex, I'm studying Economics, I'm from Bristol and my halls are by the train station. Like seriously it must have been over 100 times.
Obviously a priority was to dec my room out to make it feel homey and nice, nothing that a bit of bunting can't fix. I've been collecting pictures and hanging objects and other obscurities for approx. a year, so was so pleased to finally be able to put everything together! Here are pictures of my room and my main pinboard collage.
Buying a new camera is definitely on my to do list when I land a part time job (not for want of trying), and then I will be able to blog more regularly again :)
And my flat a lovely! Flat J FOREVVVVVVVV