Thursday, 3 October 2013

My New Room!



So I'm finally here. In Bexeter Uni. AAAAH! This has probably been the most surreal, confusing and draining two weeks ever. The amount of times I've relayed the information that my name is Bex, I'm studying Economics, I'm from Bristol and my halls are by the train station. Like seriously it must have been over 100 times.
Obviously a priority was to dec my room out to make it feel homey and nice, nothing that a bit of bunting can't fix. I've been collecting pictures and hanging objects and other obscurities for approx. a year, so was so pleased to finally be able to put everything together! Here are pictures of my room and my main pinboard collage.
Buying a new camera is definitely on my to do list when I land a part time job (not for want of trying), and then I will be able to blog more regularly again :)
And my flat a lovely! Flat J FOREVVVVVVVV

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