Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New Henna Tutorial Video - Simple Flower By Mehndi-B


Here is a new henna tutorial I made for a simple flower design!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

NEW HAND HENNA DESIGN//MEHNDI~B - Inspired by traditional mehndi

Things that I do at 2am when I really should be sleeping.

My Family Know How To Cheer Me Up!

Lately, now I'm starting to settle into Uni life and actually starting to think about work, I've been reaaaallllyyyy missing home. Night's aren't the same when I can't pop into Mum's room and lounge on her bed for an advice session, or annoy my brother on a daily basis. I even miss the cat jumping on my face at unpredictable intervals.
So when Roy (hola if you're reading this), my sister of the elder variety, sent me this little parcel it really cheered me up. The hot choc has been appreciated more than she can ever know! 



And when the fam came down on Saturday for a cheeky visit, the madre dropped of a variety of deliciousness including the most AMAZING home-made lentil and bacon soup. Been the subject of much fenvy (food envy) from my flatmates.